Interoperability & Data Sharing: Expanding Access To Health Information

Technology Track

Most organizations have the ability to share consumer health information in some capacity, but what data is shared, how data is exchanged, who the data is exchanged with, and the ability to interpret this data for care coordination or for population health management varies widely. Whether you are partnering with primary care to develop a new integrated model of care, joining an accountable care organization, operating a health home or medical home,  managing care coordination services with a health plan, or preparing to comply with the CMS proposed rule for consumer data sharing,  your executive team should be planning how your organization will share data within the care network.

In this 90-minute session, Sharon Hicks, Senior Associate with OPEN MINDS will discuss:

  • Differences between Foundational Interoperability, Structural Interoperability, and Semantic Interoperability
  • The promise of Interoperability versus the outcomes to date
  • Steps your organization should be taking to make a useful interoperability plan
  • Determining your organization’s stance on consumerism and health professional led interoperability
  • Technical issues versus data issues of interoperability