A Guide To Building A Sustainable Telehealth Program: From Billing & Scheduling To Staffing & Training

Telehealth is a growing opportunity for provider organizations looking to increase access to their services and expand their reach. However, the issues around building a sustainable program can be complex, from funding and reimbursement issues, to staffing and technology selection. As the use of telehealth continues to grow, we’re seeing an evolution the technology as well – from mobile platforms, to innovations in robotics. In this session, we will review the challenges and benefits of utilizing telehealth – for both provider organizations and consumers, how organizations can utilize telehealth in their own programs, and examples of telehealth in action in the field. In this session, we will discuss:

  • Best practices in developing a telehealth plan that aligns with your organization’s strategic goals
  • Key components to building a successful telehealth program, including financing, billing and reimbursement, and staffing models
  • Case study presentations from organizations that have implemented successful telehealth programs