Institute Overview

How Do You Compete In Value-Based Market?

One word: Technology. Improving value – better performance and lowers costs – isn’t possible for most organizations without technology. Using data to make better and more strategic decisions. Using communications technologies to change the geographic market boundaries for service. Using robotics to engage consumers in new ways. Using consumer-directed treatment technologies to provide more efficient and effective treatments across the service system. These are the challenges facing executives serving consumers with complex needs.

The 2017 OPEN MINDS Technology & Informatics Institute is focused on the technology tools and strategies organizations need to maximize performance in a competitive, value-based market. This year, we’re exploring all the tech tools and competencies successful executives must master to build successful and sustainable organizations. For two days, 500+ executives and 30+ innovative technology organizations will gather in Philadelphia, PA to discuss the emerging technology tools executives need to improve outcomes, streamline decisionmaking, and add value to the management and delivery of care for consumers with complex needs.

This year’s institute has four tracks that will provide all the cutting-edge information your team needs to improve outcomes and decisionmaking through technology:

Track 1, Technology Strategy, is about building foundations for your organization’s technology plan. All technology investments should be a derivative outgrowth of your organization’s strategic plan and be grounded in the fundamental needs of your organization, your consumers, and your payers. This track focuses on best practice technology planning, budgeting, selection, and implementation – everything your team needs to complete in a value-based market.

Track 2, Technology Innovation, is focused on highlighting the range of emerging technology options available to your organization. This track is designed to showcase the many cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of health care and to explore how organizations are using this new tech to gain the competitive advantage in their markets.

Track 3, Knowledge Partners, is designed to showcase the experiences of provider organizations from across the country. In partnership with some of the industry’s most advanced technology vendors, this track will highlight how vendor and provider organization partnerships can help to position organizations for success in a value-based market through the use of information management and new technologies

Track 4, Technology Demonstrations, is about evaluating the range of vendor offerings available to provider organizations. In this market, suppliers of technology are no longer just “vendors,” but partners for the long term. This exciting track will allow executives to learn more about their options, ask questions, and find the technology partner that’s a best fit.

Join us, November 7-8 in Philadelphia for an information-packed agenda designed to help your organization leverage the power of data analytics and technology innovations to gain the competitive advantage in a value-based market.