Which EHR Infrastructure Is Right For Your Organization? How Different Hosting & Deployment Options Impact Performance, Security, & Cost For Behavioral Health & Human Service Organizations

Sponsored by Streamline Behavioral Health and Human Services organizations have a choice of hosting and deployment options when selecting an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Leaders at these organizations need to know the advantages and disadvantages of these options and… Read More

The 2022 <em>OPEN MINDS</em> Whole Person Care Summit

Digital health care is now the norm, or at the very least heavily incorporated into a more traditional model of care, and when examining the future of chronic disease management, and whole-person health, technology’s role is huge. In addition to… Read More


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Reflections On Digital Whole-Person Care: Health Plans Look To The Future

Leveraging their networks of provider organizations and consumer members and harnessing the wealth of data and information at their fingertips positions health plans to impact whole person care and health outcomes. In fact, health plans are investing significant resources in… Read More

Breaking Down The Siloes With Digital Health Solutions: Choose Wisely

With the explosion of telehealth services, smartphone apps, remote patient monitoring, and activity trackers, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the vast number of high-tech solutions. While digital health has broadened access to care and reached many consumers who… Read More

Whole Person Care Models—Weighing The Pros & Cons

Health systems and organizations moving towards achieving whole-person care can take several paths toward integrating behavioral health, primary care, and social services. However, any path is not without challenges, especially when also incorporating the use of digital platforms. Furthermore, establishing… Read More


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<em>OPEN MINDS</em> Technology Requirements Checklist – 18 Must-Have Capabilities

In this wrap-up session, hear a rundown of OPEN MINDS’ 18-question checklist to help executive teams assess their current technology-based management capabilities and gaps in meeting strategic growth and future goals and requirements. If there are gaps in these management… Read More

Capitalizing On Your ROI: Driving Your Strategic Technology Investments

Carving out your strategic advantage from business intelligence (BI) and other data sources that aggregate information on consumer population health, experience, and costs, is the “wholly grail” of performance management. In this session, gain best practices for optimizing clinical quality… Read More

Mastering Performance & Value-Based Metrics To Transform Service Delivery

As the use of value-based reimbursement in health plan contracts expands, provider organizations need technologies that can track and report clinical quality metrics compared to contract requirements. Will this functionality be in your EHR? In other software applications? In analytic… Read More

Leveraging Technology To Enhance Consumer Experience & Engagement

This session will discuss how to improve consumer engagement across all technology platforms so that consumers can proactively take action and become more informed in the health care and services they receive. Getting there involves ensuring that your services are… Read More

Competing In A Digital World: Technology’s Role In Building The Community-Based Service Delivery Platform Of The Future

For provider organizations to successfully deliver care in the community and at home, staff in the field need to be adequately connected virtually. Telehealth solutions must be integrated into the EHR system, which should also be available on mobile devices.… Read More

Executive Networking Reception

Enjoy a cocktail and hor-d’oeuvres, and unwind with peers, speakers and exhibitors during the executive networking reception! Read More

Integration of Platform Components: Thinking Beyond Your EHR

If you are looking for a complete solution for your platform components, this goes beyond just an EHR selection. The process of deciding which components fit into your tech and business strategy and offer the efficiency, efficacy, and value you… Read More

You’ve Been Hacked! What Now?

Ensuring data security in health care is critical for privacy and effectively offering digital services. So, what happens when your data systems are hacked? What is the way forward, and can you mitigate the potential damages? Hear from organizations that… Read More

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“Technology Budgeting” – The Hardware, The Software, The People

Sponsored by NextGen Healthcare Sifting through the chatter about the latest hardware and software products can be difficult with a limited capacity and bandwidth to analyze the many decision points in purchasing technology. Whether looking at tech solutions, staffing needs,… Read More

The Future Is Now – Current Innovative Uses Of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not mean the imminent takeover by robots. What it means is that you can utilize technology to create more intelligent and efficient workflows, solve staffing issues, and access enhanced analytics to inform your organization’s decision-making. Predictive… Read More

Is Your Home Smart? Innovative Uses Of Technology In Home-Based Services

With the growth and innovation of home-based services grow and innovate, this area is rife with opportunities for service delivery expansion and engaging more consumers in care. The role of technology in delivering and monitoring whole-person services (medical, behavioral, and… Read More

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