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Institute Agenda

8:00 am – 5:00 pm PT

Technology & Analytics Institute

Time: 8:00am – 4:30pm

The 2022 OPEN MINDS Integration Summit

Health care has gone digital, and no matter the “next normal,” the future of chronic disease management will undoubtedly include new technologies. Digital transformation in health care has accelerated more than any other aspect of our lives over the last year. Connecting consumers with complex support needs will leverage never-seen-before digital solutions. During the OPEN MINDS Care Innovation Summit, you can get an overview of the trends driving innovation in the health and human service market, a review of the OPEN MINDS strategic framework for launching sustainable treatment programs, and a deep dive with case study presentations on cutting-edge new clinical programs to ensure that consumers have access to the right services and supports at the right time. 

Ken Carr, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS

Time: 8:00am – 4:45pm

The 2022 OPEN MINDS Home-Based Support Services Summit

If your organization is one of many that is thinking about moving to a hybrid service delivery model—virtual, in-clinic and in-home—electronic visit verification (EVV) is quickly becoming a necessity. EVV is essentially electronic verification that in-home service encounters have actually occurred. EVV documents four things: the type of service performed, the individuals providing and receiving the service, the date and location of the service, and the time the service begins and ends.

Kim Bond, Executive Vice President, OPEN MINDS Sarah Elliott, Executive Education, OPEN MINDS

Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm

Aligning Your Board To The New Sustainability Challenge: A 2022 OPEN MINDS
Seminar On Non-Profit Management

Over the past twenty years the adoption of electronic health record systems (EHRs) has changed how health services are managed and delivered. But as the health care system has continued to involve with more value-based reimbursement, the push towards integrated care coordination, and the rise in consumerism, the technology infrastructure needed by provider organizations has changed—including EHRs. For most executives, the EHR is a major investment and choosing the right system (or keeping the wrong system) can make or break any organization.

This seminar is for any executive who is considering a new EHR system—whether it is your organization’s first EHR, or the upgrade of a system that isn’t delivering the functionality needed for sustainability. This essential seminar will guide you through a step-by-step process for selecting an EHR that fits all your organization’s needs. The seminar will cover:

  • A best practice model for assessing the tech functionality your organization needs for future success.
  • Steps for vetting vendors and their products and services.
  • Budgeting for EHR software and implementation.
  • Ensuring best value and performance in contract negotiating.

Ray Wolfe, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS Jason Lippman, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS

Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

How To Develop a Strategic Plan: A 2022 OPEN MINDS Executive Seminar On Best Practices in Strategy, Portfolio Management & Scenario-Based Planning

As technology takes a more central role in the strategy development and sustainability for health and human service organizations, it brings new issues for executive teams to grapple with: What technology to invest in to support the organization and deliver a competitive advantage? How much to spend on technology infrastructure? Who is responsible for technology purchasing, implementation, and optimization?

These are big questions. The range of available technologies and tech-enabled functionality that shape and support strategy is large and growing rapidly. In this session, we will cover the big challenges facing executives as they lead their organization on the path to a tech-driven future, including:

  • How to develop a technology strategy that aligns with your organization’s strategic plan.
  • How to establish a technology budget that allows your organizations to meet its strategic goals.
  • How to apply best practices in technology selection, implementation, and optimization.

Joe Naughton-Travers, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS

12:00 am – 12:00 am PT



8:00 am – 5:00 pm PT

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